Thursday, January 10, 2013

Episode 2 "Stash"

More Review

If you have seen the video you know that I really like this product. Not so much of the routines that it come with, but because of the potential this thing offers.

One of the ideas that is covered in the instructional video is the changing the sharpie into a cigarette. Dan does the explanation and then has to go through the disclaimer part that smoking is bad. Really? Is this a thing now in the states? You have to say that every time? Dan actually takes a puff and coughs loudly and hilariously fake to get this point across. Dude... political correctness needs a break once in a while.

So I went out and actually performed "Stash". Last Sunday I did the actual routine of the bill going into the pen. Instead of a mustache (bills don't have people on them here) I pretended to draw the spectators initial (which I knew beforehand)My core group was first. I got really cute reactions. But they all agreed that the point of coming back to the pen is really sick. Somehow this made the effect whole. I asked them how deceiving this was. They could pretty much tell me the method, but liked it anyway.

The second group was the "stranger" group. All see me doing magic for the first time. And they really went bananas over this. The got on the roundabout of let's fuck up your brain. And they truly enjoyed the ride. Did they think that the bill in the pen was actually the one appearing in the pen. I think not. But they were so overwhelmed with the concept that this "plot hole" was never addressed.

And the third group was a normal formal booking. I did it on stage; well more of a Party Stand Up thing for 35 people; but it was then when I truly saw this things potential. Because if you establish credit first, they actually believe it is the same bill. If they believe that you can do this, suddenly the need for proof becomes meaningless.

Watch the trailer:

Even More Review

This back and forth of attention really has something to it, right? It makes you smile and be amused. So let me close with an tip for Dan. If you make your instructions available online (and there is nothing wrong with that) then please do not put the download link onto the page that comes with the product. Links can change. Instead link to your own website and from there people can enter a password protected section of the page that then links them to the video. That way you can change the instructional video as you want. You can add stuff like additional ideas and so on. So people would get just a password instead of a cryptic link that is hard to type in by hand.

So in case you have not seen the Pegasus Page trick... Here is a over the top performance by Max Maven:

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