How Stuff is rated

Quality of the actual product:
0 product was broke when it arrived
1 product broke while rehearsing
2 product works half of the time or less and is unreliable
3 product's wear and tear makes a replacement in little time unavoidable
4 product works but it's too small/fumbly/large/ect.
5 product works with a few simple modifications
6 products works as intended but you have to pay attention not to screw up
7 product works as intended

Quality of the teaching:
0 There is no teaching
1 Hardly any teaching and it requires prior knowlege of the moves/principles
2 Knowing the moves/principles involved the teaching is ok, otherwise you need to research first.
3 Some effort went into the teaching, but many crucial parts are left out.
4 The teaching is reduced to the crucial parts.
5 Some elements could have been explained a little more, but the majority is easy enough to follow
6 Everything is clear but to understand it you need to think
7 Everything is clear and can be understood with ease

Quality of the Swag:
0 Just the written instruction and you have to make the product yourself
1 Just some stuff to make the gimmick yourself according to the instructions
2 The product in plastic bag or envelope and some instruction to download the instructions
3 Paper or plastic bag with proper instructions
4 Crappy case with DVD or Booklet
5 Nice case with DVD or Booklet
6 Nice case with DVD or Booklet and additional optional props
7 Nice case with DVD and Booklet and additional props that can be used

Deception of the routine that comes with it: (Layman only)
0 Doesn't fool
1 Fools some but it's more a magical gag than a serious product
2 Fools most, but leaves people puzzeled rather than amazed.
3 Fools most, but people will think of a method nevertheless.
4 It fools the majority leaving them amused
5 It fools effortlessly and alternative methods don't come to mind.
6 It fools nearly all and leaves them amazed and with childlike wonder.
7 The layers of deception are masterfully stacked and littered with cancels of methods.

0 You cannot expand on the material. One trick pony!
1 With some clever thinking a longer routine can be constructed around it. But not much.
2 Changing the premise a little bit may make this routine seem greater.
3 Two or three appraoches might be worth exploring.. the rest... meh
4 The alternatives mentioned in the instructions are pretty much all there is.
5 Tons of ideas seem possible but are hard to think of.
6 Almost effortlessly different scenarious to use this come to mind.
7 This is a utility device that sparks off so many ideas and possibilities (eg. Thumb Tip)

0 There is no way to hide the secret.
1 The angles are so horrific, that a one on one trick is the only way to do it. (video magic)
2 The angles are so buggy that in the dark it might be workable for a few.
3 Can be done semi surrounded, nice for stage.
4 Can be done with your ass against the wall.
5 Angles are not bad if you make sure you got proper misdirection
6 Angle proof if you know how to block you angles.
7 Angle proof, can be done surrounded

0 The setup takes ages/you destroy the gimmick/you cannot waste too much time after being set up
1 The setup takes between 10 and 20 minutes less with practice
2 The setup takes between one minute and 10 minutes, less with practice
3 The setup takes less than a minute
4 The setup can be done within the show (offbeat or as an additional effect)
5 The setup can be openly reset without spoiling the secret
6 The setup resets itself at the end of the trick
7 The setup resets and stores itself so it is ready to be done again right away

0 Pretty much nobody but the inventor is able to pull that shit off.
1 Years will get you there, and it will be well worth it... or not!
2 The routine is so complex that you really need to rehease for months to make it seem effortless
3 Some of the stuff is actually hard to do without spending weeks on it
4 One of the moves requires actual work, might be knacky
5 You have to remember the order of the moves. Actual practice is recommended
6 Read the instructions, wiggle your thumb to practice and you are good to go
7 Selfworking

0 Way too much compared to the overall effect and stuff you are getting. Mean spirited rip off.
1 Proud pricing
2 Swallow deep and take a deep breath, you might have buyers remores
3 Not cheap, but worth it anyway.
4 Reasonable
5 Cheap
6 Cheap and comes with Bonus Material
7 Free

Awe of the Trick without presentation: (Layman only)
0 Dear Lord, make it stop (21 card trick)
1 This is lame (Break Away Wand)
2 I've seen better (Pom Pom Sticks)
3 This is nice (Linking Rings)
4 Actually pretty good (Coins Across)
5 This is seriously cool (Cups and Balls)
6 People really talk about the trick and conclude it must be magic (Bill to Lemon)
7 Freaks people out and fills them with that warm and fuzzy feeling or real magic (Sponge Balls in the spectators hands)

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